Monday, July 12, 2010

Sweet truth from Kaydance

My granddaughter, Kaydance was in the car with me a few months ago and as we passed a cemetery she asked me what that was. She was 4 at the time and so I begin to talk about when people die and go to heaven. I tried to describe heaven in a way she would understand by telling her heaven is a beautiful, happy, big place and Jesus will be there with us. I must have done a really good job telling her about it because when I was done, she exclaimed, "I want to go there right now Nana." Well of course that was not on my to do list for the day (although I'm ready when He calls) and I told her we were alive on earth right now and God wants us to to be happy here while we help, love and care about people. She thought about this for a minute and then exclaimed, "But in heaven we'll be ALIVER!" Wow....what truth and insight from her little precious mind... Looking forward to ALIVER!

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